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- Russian Salad with Ventresca and a Fresh Japanese Twist €8.10
- "Braves" and "Braves" from the Demo €7.90
- Free-Range Chicken Croquette €2.80/unit
- Selection of 5 Pasteurized Catalan Cheeses by Xerigots €16.00 

- Gratin dauphinoise with anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea and goat cheese €12.00

- Fried morros €5.80
- Fried egg with surimi with garlic €7.90
- Grilled vegetables with tomato jam and hollandaise sauce €11.30

- Zucchini Ravioli Stuffed with Vegetables and Prawns in Coconut Milk €10.50 

- Fish of the day
- Classic Beef Fillet Steak Tartare, Hand-Cut to Order €16.00
- Chicken Wings Marinated and Confit in White Wine and Tandoori Masala €9.40 

- Duck with pears in wine and red fruits €14.50
- Bundle of stewed lamb with spinach and tomato €15.00
- Tomato Bread €4.50

Feel free to inform our staff of any allergies or intolerances you have, and we will gladly accommodate your dietary needs. Rest assured that all our tapas and dishes are prepared in-house with care and attention to quality.

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